This User Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) in accordance with paragraph. 2 st.437 Civil Code of the Russian Federation is an official offer of "I20" (hereinafter - the "Administration"), to conclude with any person or entity an agreement on the provision of services related to Use of the website operated by the Authority, including all web sites that are on the URL-address: («Web Sites"), including but not limited to, as well as the services of the Administration, provided on the Websites or through them and / or available through a variety of web browsers for computers and mobile devices, locally installed mobile web applications, third-party platforms, including the Web sites of social networks (the "Third Party Platform"), and various API-services and other services that the Administration may periodically offer, including, without limitation, massively multiplayer, social, interactive and / or other games and applications (including mobile apps), community forums, and blogs (collectively, the "Services"). The use rights for Web sites and / or services depends on its acceptance of all the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.


1.1. In this Agreement and arising out of or related relations between the Parties, the following terms and definitions: Platform - an application integrated with the site of administration; User - a capable person has acceded to this Agreement in its own interest or acting on behalf of and in the interests of the legal entity. - Internet sites hosted in domain and its subdomains, but not limited to. Tools - a set of services and license provides the user with the use of the Platform. Agreement - this agreement with all additions and changes.
1.2. The Agreement shall enter into force on the date of its posting on the Internet at The term of this Agreement shall not be limited. The administration reserves the right to amend the terms of the Agreement and / or revoke the Agreement at any time at its discretion. Changes to the Administration of the Agreement shall enter into force on the date of posting the changes on the Site, unless another date of entry into force of the amendments is not defined further in this location. This agreement is valid until the placing on the site of the official notice of revocation.
1.3. The terms of this Agreement are the same for all enter into this Agreement individuals and legal entities.


2.1. In accordance with Art. Art. 434, 438 of the Civil Code Agreement is concluded by the acceptance by the User, that is an expression of the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Agreement.
2.2. Acceptance is considered the beginning of the use of the Website and / or Services. If the user does not wish to adhere to these Terms and Conditions, he has no right to go to a web site, or Services, or use them. The place of the Agreement is considered to be Russia.
2.3. Prior to the acceptance of the user to examine all the terms of this Agreement. User who has made the acceptance shall be deemed to read and agree to the terms of the Agreement, and the Agreement in accordance with Art. Art. 434, 438 of the Civil Code shall be deemed concluded in writing, under the terms of this Agreement is equivalent to the contract, signed by both parties.


3.1. The administration, with the appropriate authority, grants the User a non-exclusive right to use (a simple (non-exclusive) license) computer programs (software) in the following ways: view placed on the platform of materials, registration and / or login to the site, posting or displaying any materials on the platform, including, but not limited to such as: images, information, and / or other information.


4.1. To access and / or use of certain aspects of the Web sites and / or Services Administration has the right to require the user to create a user account ("Account").
4.2. To create an account administration has the right to request from the user to provide certain personal information (such as name and / or email address). The user decides whether or not to provide us your personal information Administration.
4.4. If the user decides to provide personal information to the Administration, he agrees:
4.4.1. Provide accurate information about yourself as prompted by the registration form (including the existing e-mail address);
4.4.2. Maintain and update your information (including email address) to keep it accurate and current.
4.5. User acknowledges that, if any information provided to them is incorrect, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, the administration has the right to deny the user access to websites and / or the Service (or any part thereof), as well as the possibility of their use, stop User participation in the Services contained on the Websites.
4.6. To create an account, the Administration may require the user to select a user name and password.


5.1. The User agrees not to take actions that may be considered to violate the law or the rules of international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyrights and / or related rights, as well as any action that results or may result in malfunction Platform and service .
5.2. If you use any of the Web sites and / or materials User agrees not to:
5.2.1. Use the Website or Services in any manner that violates applicable law, the provisions of this Agreement;
5.2.2. Stalk, threaten or mislead other users of products developed by the Administration, including through mockery, grifinga, flooding, use too large images so that information on the screen is moving too fast, and they can not be read, or by repeatedly pressing return;
5.2.3. Create a false identity information, or impersonate any person or entity;
5.2.4. Go into the account of another user;
5.2.5. Post, publish, transmit or make available pornography with sexual connotation, threatening, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive discriminatory, inflammatory, fraudulent, immoral, defamatory, libelous or otherwise inappropriate or offensive comments or content including the use of symbols such "1 @ # $%" to replace the letters, and any topics that may be regarded as harmful information for children or minors or threaten their security;
5.2.6. Post advertisements or proposals for goods, services or other commercial activities without the consent of the Administration;
5.2.7. Post, publish, transmit or make unwanted or inappropriate content, information or materials provided, unwanted (junk) mail spam, "chain letters," scheme "Ponzi scheme," investment opportunities or any other unwanted or unacceptable commercial or advertising content or information Posts;
5.2.8. Sharing passwords issued by the Administration, with a third party;
5.2.9. Post, publish, transmit or make available any content that is subject to the rules on protection of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademark rights, rights to trade secrets or patent rights;
5.2.10. To submit false information about the source, identify or content of information sent, published, transmitted or provided through Web sites, services, or third-party platforms (for example, to give someone else's work for her);
5.2.11. Make use of the Websites or the Services, not by their intended purpose, for example, the use of hardware failures for the personal benefit;
5.2.12. Interfere with or disable security-related functions of the Web Site or the Service, or any part thereof, including the services available on third-party platforms, or through them;
5.2.13. Damage, block, overload or damage the Website or the Services, including the services available on third-party platforms, or through them, including through the dispatch, publication, transmission or distribution of anything that contains a virus or other code designed to damage or obstructing the work of the Websites or the Services or any part thereof, or software, hardware, equipment, systems, data, or other information of the Administration or of any third party;
5.2.14. To make an attack on the server that is used in relation to the Website or the Services or any part thereof, or otherwise attempt to disrupt such servers or any services available to them or on the side of the platform or through it, including by hacking or DoS-attacks (Denial of Service);
5.2.15. Deliberately interfere with the functioning of any services available on the website or through a third-party platform, or any use of such services to other users;
5.2.16. Decipher, decompile, disassemble, disclose technology or otherwise attempt to derive code or underlying ideas or algorithms of any part of the Website or the Materials, including the services available on the Web sites or third-party platforms or through them;
5.2.17. Use, develop or distribute software robot (or bot) crawler (spider), unauthorized script unauthorized skreyper or offline browser exploit (computer intrusion), hacking and so on. N., Or any unauthorized software designed for change, or obstruct, or provide automatic access or use of the Website or the Services or any part thereof, or services available on the side of the platform or through;
5.2.18. Gather information about any user of the web site or service, including personal information, including passwords, email addresses, or geographical location;
5.3. Any means of identification, including the trademarks and service marks, as well as logos and logos contained on the site are the intellectual property of their respective owners. Users of the site may not be reproduced or otherwise use these means of identification and / or components without prior written permission of their respective owners.
5.4. The administration seeks to ensure, but does not control or guarantee the confidentiality and protection of any information posted on the Platform or received from the platform. The administration shall take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure posted on the Platform User information to third parties, but will not be liable if such disclosure was permitted. In this context, the transfer of information to the platform constitutes acceptance of the User on any reproduction, distribution, disclosure or use of such information. By posting information and materials The user also guarantees that he has all the rights and powers necessary for this purpose, taking into account the terms of this Agreement and that such an arrangement does not violate the legally protected rights and interests of third parties, international treaties and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.5. The user is solely responsible for any information or materials posted on the platform. The administration does not initiate the placement of this information, does not select the recipients of the information does not affect the content and integrity of the information posted, as well as at the time of placing the user with information on the Platform does not know and can not know whether such an arrangement violates the current legislation of the Russian Federation, but the administration has the right to monitor , view and / or to remove any information or materials posted by users on the Platform.
5.6. In the case of submission of claims by third parties of the Administration, related to violation of the Terms of this Agreement, as well as to the content posted by users on the platform, the specified user undertakes to settle such claims and reimburse those incurred by the Administration of all damages and losses, including reimbursement of fines, court costs, costs and compensation.
5.7. The administration is committed to ensuring the reliability of information available on the platform, but shall not be liable for any inaccuracies and / or unreliable information, as well as failures in the services provided through the Site. User agrees that the Company is not responsible and has no direct or indirect obligations to the users associated with or arising loss or damage relating to the content of the Platform, the violation of intellectual property rights.
5.8. All information provided on the Site is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied. The administration completely, to the extent that it is permitted by law, disclaims any liability, express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness for use, and also guarantees the legality of any information, product or service obtained or acquired from via the Platform.
5.9. User agrees that all materials and services platform or any portion thereof may be accompanied by advertising, placement of which shall initiate or control the administration. You agree that the administration does not bear any responsibility and does not have any obligations in connection with such advertising.


6.1. Under the terms of this Agreement, the Administration provides the user with the use of the Service round the clock, except during maintenance work or other circumstances preventing the user to access the service that have arisen through no fault of the Administration.
6.2. The administration is committed intentionally disclose information about the User given upon registration to third parties except in cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation and international law.
6.3. The administration does not send users to unwarranted electronic or other messages (spam); if a user received a message from the Administration, he should immediately notify the representatives of the Administration. However, the Administration reserves the right to distribution of information e-mails related to the work of the Platform and the services provided on it.
6.4. Administration is not responsible for any technical failures and interruptions in the Platform for temporary failures and interruptions in the lines, other similar failures as well as defects of the computer from which the user provides access to Internet.
6.5. Administration is not responsible to the User for the actions of other users.
6.6. Administration may:
- To reproduce materials that make production of one or more copies of the materials in any form, as well as to record them in the memory of the electronic device (right of reproduction);
- Publicly display material (right of public display);
- To report material so that any person can have access to it in an interactive mode from any place and at any time of your choice (the right to communication to the public).

7. Conditions of handling and use of personal data

7.1. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User agrees to provide their personal data, including name, surname, patronymic name, email address, contact telephone number, date of birth, region, city Administration for processing freely their will and in their own interest.
7.2. The purpose of processing personal data:
- Provision of the Service User;
- The direction of the notifications concerning the Service;
- Preparation and submission of responses to user requests;
- Disseminating information on the activities undertaken by the Administration;
- Provision of information about products and services of the Administration;
- Implementation of the Administration for collecting and processing data on a site visit.
7.3. Types of information that may collect Administration:
7.3.1. The administration may collect a variety of information from the user or users, depending on how they use the Web Site or the Service.
7.3.2. If you use such third-party platforms like Facebook or other social networks, the user gives permission Administatsii to access and / or collect certain information from the profile / account on the side of the platform (for example, user accounts on Facebook) in accordance with the terms of the agreement and settings Privacy on the side of the platform. The information that the user allows the administration to receive and collect varies depending on the service used and the conditions of the platform and user privacy settings on it;
7.4. Using the Administration files «cookie», web beacons and automatic means of collecting information.
7.4.1. Like many web sites (Google Analytics and / or advertisers) Administration Server uses the log files and automated data collection, such as files «cookie» and web beacons (collectively, the "Funds data collection") when the user logs, or visit Web sites and service. Administration attaches gathered through these media to personally identifiable customer information. These tools collect data automatically monitor and collect certain technical information that your browser sends the Web site of the administration.
7.4.2. The administration uses files «cookie» for various purposes, including analysis of the use of the Website and Services Administration; provide more personalized services to users; management of advertising; enabling easier entry to the Web sites and services; assistance in promoting the websites you visit and / or use the services more efficiently and more profitably.
7.4.3. The administration uses beacons or other technology for various purposes, such as the opportunity to find out whether a particular page has been visited or open any e-mail; tracking pixels, which makes it possible to effectively apply the Administration of advertising, except for the current users of certain marketing messages or identifying the source of a new installation;
7.5. The list of actions to provide information, which the User agrees:
7.5.1. Maintenance, management and ease of use of web site users and services, including a demonstration of user-created content and / or targeted advertising;
7.5.2. Notifying the user about the products, new products, services, features, promotions, updates and improvements, including updates of games, loyalty programs and rewards, as well as the redesigned website, the service, the User Agreement;
7.5.3. Marketing our products and / or services to users, including shipping offers, information about promotions, newsletters, information campaigns carried out by e-mail, and share information on new, improved or existing products, contests and / or lotteries ;
7.5.4. Addressing sites, processing or responding to questions and problems with customer service;
7.5.5. Processing and execution of requests and / or orders with respect to the User Games, products, services, information or functions;
7.5.6. Communication and interaction between users and contribute to the promotion of and feedback to improve the user experience;
7.5.7. Management preferences of the user account of Institutions and registration information;
7.5.8. User Communication with friends and / or persons using the web site and / or services;
7.5.9. Control of the technical functioning Web sites, services, and networks;
7.5.10. The development of new and / or improved games, products, services or offers;
7.5.11. Providing news and newsletters user;
7.5.12. Recognition, research and protection of any actual, potential or threatening misuse, unauthorized or unwanted use of any of the Websites or the Services, including, without limitation, the study claims made by other users or with respect to other users and / or of the Web sites and / or Services, and they may contain information provided from outside sources;
7.5.13. Third-party hosting Web sites and / or Services;
7.5.14. Analysis of trends and user traffic;
7.5.15. Marketing, processing or advertising campaigns, controlled or financed by the Administration;
7.5.16. Dispute Resolution;
7.5.17. Identification and elimination of errors or problems with any of the Web sites and / or services;
7.5.18. The exchange of information with respect to the User Account;
7.5.19. Inviting users to participate in surveys about products and services;
7.6. The administration uses the email address of the User in order to:
7.6.1. Responding to inquiries related to customer service;
7.6.2. Inform users about its activities concerning the games, including the comments of friends and relatives, notifications about the status of the game-related events and offers games, as well as notification of gifts and requests;
7.6.3. Post-date information about new games, product updates, as well as loyalty programs and rewards;
7.6.4. Other activities in accordance with all methods set out in this Agreement.
7.3. The list of actions with personal data to which the user agrees to: collect, organize, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, depersonalization, transfer to third parties for the above purposes, as well as the implementation of any other action, provided by the current the legislation of the Russian Federation as a non-automated and automated methods.
7.4. The Company undertakes to take all necessary measures to protect users' personal data from unauthorized access or disclosure.


8.1. Registered User shall determine the conditions and procedure for the use he created an account (Profile), which, however, under no circumstances can not contradict this Agreement.
8.2. This Agreement, the procedure for its conclusion and execution, as well as issues that are not regulated by this Agreement, governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.
8.3. All disputes under the Agreement or in connection therewith shall be referred to the court at the location of the Administration in accordance with the procedural law of the Russian Federation.
8.4. This Agreement may be modified or terminated by the Administration unilaterally without prior notice and without payment of any compensation in this respect.

Revised November 12, 2016